PhD students

Master students

Name Thesis title Graduation (month/year)
Danilo Krasic Using Wearable and Mobile Devices to Quantify Students’ Engagement in the Classroom July 2017
Luca Dotti A Mobile System to Understand the Relationship Between Human Mobility Patterns and Well-Being July 2017
Shkurta Gashi Studying the Physiological Synchrony Between Teachers and Students During Lectures Using Mobile and Wearable Devices July 2017
Bianca Stancu Automatic Recognition of Artifacts in Ambulatory Electrodermal Activity Signals July 2019
Beatrice Nale Inferring Productivity Using Mobile and Wearable Devices October 2019
Sony Monti A mobile, camera‐based system for monitoring the health of grapevine July 2017
Yang You Characterization and Prediction of Charging Patterns of Mobile Devices September 2017
Sebastian Juan Hidalgo Supporting Productivity Using Mobile and Wearable Sensors in the Workplace September 2019

UROP summer interns

Name Project title Time period (months/year)
Bianca Stancu Movie+: Towards Exploring Social Effects of Emotional Fingerprints for Video Clips and Movies July-August 2018
Gabriele Di Rosa Data Analytics System for Improving Mobile Sensing Studies July-August 2019